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What’s wrong with being happy?

So something I’ve noticed since I’ve been blogging, is that some fellow bloggers, don’t care for positivity. I’m not saying this goes for everyone, I’m sure there are a fair few of you that love an upbeat post, but from my experience so far I’m much more likely to get a few likes on a negative/down post than I am one about positivity.

I kind of understand why, I guess it’s more relatable when I write a post about my troubles and feelings etc, and I myself am probably guilty of skimming past the upbeat posts, because lets face it, who wants to be feeling like all the happy people are shoving their happy perfect lives in your face when you can’t get your own shit together?

However, reality check, it’s time to stop comparing our lives to other peoples. For the following reasons:

  • People only show you the parts of their lives they want you to see
  • Everyone deals with situations differently
  • You can’t always be everyones cup of tea
  • Just because no one clicked the little star button on your post, it doesn’t mean they didn’t love it!
  • There are a thousand things that make you incredible

With regards to people only showing you the parts of their lives they want you to see, I have a perfect example. I’m not sure if any of your read my last blog post (you can read it here  but in short it was about the guilt I have surrounding the affects my mental health issues have on my boyfriend. However, what I didn’t mention in that post, is that my boyfriend has bipolar, and I didn’t go into any detail about how that affects me. Therefore you only got the part of my life that I wanted to show you. You probably would have had a completely different picture of my life if I had given you the whole story and not just half of it.

So back to my original point, I once wrote a really positive post about how I was feeling ready to take my anxiety on and show it what I’m made of, and I think one person liked it, maybe two, and this made me feel really disheartened, like people didn’t want to see me happy. Today I’m feeling positive, the sun was shining earlier and I had my first CBT session, but I felt a little apprehensive about writing a blog post about it, and that’s kind of not ok. I see blogging a little bit like a community, with online friends who are supporting you and following your story through good days and bad days, so I encourage you to reach out to someone whether they write a negative post or a positive one, because they might really need your encouragement.

When I am feeling positive, it is usually pretty short lived. I get a wave of happiness and then come crashing back down to earth, sometimes in a matter of hours, sometimes in a day or two. I know that the happiness and positive feelings that come with a smile slapped across your face is something I am aiming to feel more permanently, and I can assure you that with a little gentle encouragement, there is much more of a chance of that happiness lasting that tiny bit longer. I truly believe that a positive outlook can change your life, and that is something I am trying to learn. So please guys, when someone writes a blog post about being raring to go, feeling ready to say a massive screw you to anxiety/depression/a bad day, try and make a concious effort to give them a little encouragement, I know I plan to.

You have the power to change someones mood for the good, even if just for a moment, so for the love of mankind take that power and run with it.


Me, Him & Mental Health Issues.

  • When I started suffering severely with anxiety and stomach issues, me and my boyfriend had only been together for about 6 months from what I remember. We didn’t really get to enjoy the best parts of our relationship, and I regret that. Like all or most couples, we’ve had some major ups and downs, but he has tried his hardest to be supportive. For what feels like the majority of our relationship, he has had to deal with the anxious side of me, and I kind of feel this isn’t fair on either of us.

I haven’t gone into massive amounts of detail about my anxiety on my blog, because it’s quite difficult to explain exactly how I feel, without it sounding silly, but basically I have a panic attack whenever I try to go anywhere that isn’t work, which then leads to some physical issues, and reinforces the fear. People assume I have IBS, but this isn’t necessarily the case, the bowel issues came before the anxiety. Anyway, sometimes I get the courage to try to do something, to get out of the house and try to enjoy a small activity with my boyfriend (Normally only when he says ‘Right, we’re doing this’ instead of giving me a choice, but it is of course up to me, he doesn’t force me.) Today was one of those days, we went to the garden centre (Dream big), and two things happened; 1) I didn’t have a panic attack. 2) We had to cut the trip short because I’ve had diarrhea for the past few days and got the stomach cramping warning signs of needing to get home ASAP. When I said I needed to leave, I felt the mood shift. I can’t explain it, but it makes me feel like I have let him down, and the look in his eyes makes my heart break a little every time it happens.

Sometimes I question whether I should try to work through my issues alone. I know he isn’t happy, he’s told me before, but I asked for a little more time and nothing has changed much since then. We do get on really well, we hardly ever argue, I genuinely can’t remember the last time we did. However, he is very much a ‘get out there and live life’ type of person, and I am denying him of that at the moment. This isn’t what he signed up for, and I have to live with the guilt from that. At least one of us should be able to get out there and see what the world has to offer, and that one of us isn’t me. I don’t really know what is best, I know without him I would be miserable, but at the same time I can’t be selfish and just think of my own happiness. I just know that I will always regret it. When I am better I will know what could have been, and that’s so shitty.

When we first had the ‘What are we doing, we’re really unhappy’ chat, that was when we first realised I had some major issues that I needed to work through, and since then I have tried. I’ve spent my savings on hypnotherapy, I’ve brought books on meditation, depression, anxiety, I’ve gone on antidepressants, I’ve tried medication for my stomach, I’ve tried going gluten-free, I’ve cut out caffeine, I’ve been referred to the hospital for my stomach issues and I’ve been accepted for CBT for my anxiety. But it’s all been very long-winded and I’m still not really in a better position than I was 6 months ago.

I kind of just feel a bit lost at the moment. everyone’s getting engaged, married or having babies, and I’m just stuck somewhere in-between, not really being able to move forward and dragging him down with me. Every day I lose a little bit more hope, and I am just praying for a miracle. I kind of just feel like somethings gotta give surely. I’ve been constantly battling to be happy for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be truly happy and that’s a really horrible way to live every day.

He is my rock, the other half of me. He keeps me grounded in this frantic world. He gets me snuggled up on the sofa when I’ve had a bad day and he takes care of everything. He is there when nobody else is. He is the light of my life, the best, kindest, most intelligent and the most truly wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Tell me how I’m supposed to willingly walk away from that.



Being scared of living, dying and everything inbetween.

I’m home alone tonight. I had some company earlier but they’ve headed home now, so I am alone with my thoughts and a big empty house. Anxiety is off the scale, and this inspired me to note down some of my biggest fears, I don’t know if they are rational, or irrational, I guess it would be hard for anyone else to know because you kind of can’t know how much they affect me, but I think the majority if not all of these fears give me a panic attack if I think about them enough. I’m basically just trying to keep myself distracted until my boyfriend arrives home, so you lucky guys get to receive a list of my fears. I know I know, you’ve completely been DYING to know so I’ll put you out of your misery.

  • Being home alone
  • Being burgled (Whilst in the house)
  • Getting carbon monoxide poisoning (Mainly whilst in the bath, who puts a darn boiler in a bathroom?!)
  • Forgetting to lock the door (Sometimes I get half way to work and turn back to check)
  • Leaving my keys in the door
  • Needing to go to the toilet in public
  • Dying
  • People I love dying (I feel like if I think about it, it will happen, and then it will be my fault)
  • Getting some bizarre disease (I convinced myself I had rabies for about 2 weeks after retrieving something out of the loft, because I’d seen it on Holby City the week before!)
  • Car accidents (And subsequently car journeys, but also because of the no toilet situation)
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres/Super Markets (Incase there’s any terrorist activity whilst I’m there)
  • Cinemas (Same reason as above)
  • The Sea
  • Walking in the dark alone
  • Eating from restaurants and takeaways (This has got a bit better recently but is still on a case by case basis and just because I order it, doesn’t mean I enjoy it)
  • Dogs
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Gerbils
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • Being in social situations with people I don’t know
  • Change (Good or bad)
  • Violence
  • Stress
  • Heights

There’s probably more but I am getting a bit tired now so my brain is turning to mush. Listing out the things that scare me makes me feel batshit crazy. I think this is why I struggle so much with being happy, because there’s not much that doesn’t bring me anxiety. Bleurgh. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I heard all the best people are. I tell you one thing I do know, being anxious makes me tired.