A New Direction.

Hey bloggers,

I’ve been trying to blog for ages, I’ve written some drafts and then deleted them, and I’ve published some posts and deleted them too!

In all honestly I feel like I’m at a new stage in my recovery which focuses less on the past and more on the future. When I started this blog, talking about my past and how hard I was finding navigating through poor mental health was really helpful for me because without having the option to do so I felt very alone. I’m just not sure that’s where I am anymore. Sharing details of my childhood and my relationships all feels a bit personal and maybe not as relevant as it once did. For me I feel like it would be more of a benefit for myself and others to improve on recovering from agoraphobia and sharing with people how far in that journey I’ve come and to sprinkle a dash of hope over people who suffer the same when the darkness sets in. I spent more years than I want to accept being scared half to death that I wouldn’t have a future and I want to reassure you that this wasn’t accurate. I don’t currently have the life that I’ve dreamt of, but I have hope that I’ll get there, which is something I didn’t have before.

I have made my old posts private as I am changing direction to sharing some real life posts on Instagram instead (follow me @alittlebitanxious if you’d like), I probably will blog at some point too but not right now.

Good luck on your own journeys. Thank you all for being there for me through what was a terrible and petrifying time for me – truly couldn’t have survived it without you x